In the course of his work as a psychotherapist, Nachshon has developed a compassionate style that focuses on personal strengths and innate talents in order to introduce light, life, and health into his clients' lives.  His work is based on a foundation that encourages clients to identify and increase what is positive and powerful in their lives in order to open natural pathways out of unhealthy thoughts, circumstances, and behaviors.  Nachshon's dynamic and positive manner - combined with his belief that each of us has a vital role to play in the world - has helped many people to work through their challenges and fulfill their unique potential.

Nachshon's private work incorporates a wide variety of counseling, consulting and education services, including: individual, couples and family counseling; parenting classes; substance abuse education and treatment; and individual and group clinical supervision.  Over the past twelve years Nachshon has reached a broad spectrum of people in his work specializing in substances abuse, trauma, and mental health issues.

Nachshon received his MSW from the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work and is a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  He and his wife are the proud and active parents of four great kids.